Friday, August 8, 2014

Tune up

Been awhile.

I did some racing in breeze a few weeks ago, and have made some changes to make the boat work a little better.

My setup for cross-sheeting the jib was a little awkward, with a cleat on the deck next to the trimmer. I have a turning/cheek block on the inner deck edge, and I wanted to add a cleat that could be used from across the boat. Here's the brackets I made to accomplish this:

And here they are installed:
I also changed the jib sheet to a softer, more textured line. The old one was too smooth and slippery.

Next, I made the trav 2:1. The dead end is just a (sealed) hole in the boat with a knot inside. And I'm using a softer handed rope here, too, to go around the corners a little easier.

I added some bungee and string to keep the hiking straps off the deck.

And I'm working on my hatch. I added some awning track under it, and a fabric cover for the opening. It's not done yet, but it already keeps the rain out nicely.

Going racing again on Sunday, we'll see how it goes, and what else needs to be refined.

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