Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little stuff, big stuff

First, the canting keel:
Just kidding, of course!
My garage ceiling and hoist aren't quite high enough to get the keel shoved into the hole, but I gave it a whirl just in case it seemed like things could be "persuaded". No go, so today I've built a big ol gantry-slash-gallows in my driveway (neighbors gotta be wonder'n).

Got some vinyl. I thought white would look crisp against the paint.

Electrical install. So far it's just the stereo, a 12v plug, and a bilge pump. I'll run the trolling motor through a separate circuit with a fuse, apart from the house stuff.

Shoved the trailer under the boat while it was hanging up there, and rolled it outside for its first night under the stars. My shop is huge all of a sudden! Oh, and did I mention I put the name on it?

I received an update from the sailmaker, and he's got them on the floor now. I'm making some snazzy carbon headboards for the main, just because I can.

So tomorrow we see how well I built the gantry, and hopefully keel and boat become one.


  1. Looking awesome (as always)!!

    What are all the bolts and washers on the cockpit sole in front of the mainsheet traveler?

  2. Below deck mounted flux capacitor. I've reworked it so it kicks in at 8.8 knots, instead of 88mph.

    Or, under mounted cheek block and cam cleat pairs, which spit adjustment lines out of those vertical slots. So far I have mast rotation limiter, main cunno, jib clew height, cap shroud tension, and vang all lead there, with room for one more in case I think of it...